Title: SIMAPROAuthor:Year:Type of resource: SoftwareShort description: LCA software for informed changemakers: With science-based sustainability insights, SimaPro helps you become an informed changemaker that has the power to reduce the environmental footprint of products and services. Ideal for LCA experts, sustainability professionals, product designers, and decision-makers.Copyright:External link

Plate-forme européenne d'adaptation au climat


Title: European Climate Adaptation PlatformAuthor:Year:Type of resource: Case StudiesShort description: Collection of case studies showcasing climate adaptation strategies in European countries.Copyright:External link

Scénarios d'émission du GIEC


Title: IPCC Emission ScenariosAuthor:Year:Type of resource: Online GuideShort description: Access to emission scenarios provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).Copyright:External link

Simulateur climatique C-ROADS


Title: C-ROADS Climate SimulatorAuthor:Year:Type of resource: InteractiveShort description: An interactive simulator for exploring the impact of emission reduction strategies.Copyright:External link